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Free Ring Sizing Kit-1170-2ADD (RING PURCHASE REQUIRED)

This handy ring sizing kit is free to customers* also purchasing a ring from us at the same time, but available for a nominal cost to anyone. You may purchase this sizing kit before purchasing a ring.

It is most accurate in determining a size to order for ring designs that are 2mm-4mm wide. 

If you have ordered a ring over 4mm wide, we suggest using this ring sizing kit to help you determine an estimated ring size. For greater accuracy, custom ring sizers are available in the exact width and size(s) of your wider ring. We highly recommend purchasing our custom ring sizers, as they are the most accurate way to determine your ring size for the majority of our ring designs.

This sizer kit ships in 1-2 business days and includes instructions.

More Ring Sizing Info is available on our jewelry blog, which includes an international ring sizing conversion chart. 

*Opt-in to receive this free kit on any product detail page at the same time you add a ring to your cart and it's free.