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Premium Wood Upgrade

If you'd like to customize a ring to feature a premium wood instead of one of our standard or exotic wood species, please add this upgrade to your order!

If you have a question regarding any of our wood types and their classifications, please don't hesitate to contact us or visit our wood options page for a current selection of all of our woods that includes images. 

**Note: If the original wood species in your desired item is not listed below in our exotic list, it is a standard species and you should select "Standard to Premium" for your upgrade.

Exotic Wood Types:
Blackwood (African)
Coolibah (Exotic)
Ironwood (Burl)
Maple (Burl)
Mesquite (Burl)
Redwood (Sequoia)
Rosewood (Amazon)
Rosewood (Bolivian)
Rosewood (Brazilian)
Rosewood (Carribean)
Rosewood (East Indian)
Rosewood (Honduran Burl)
Rosewood (Honduran)
Teak (Burl)