Dinosaur Bone Charm Bead for Bracelet


Adorn you snake bracelet with one of the rarest charms on the market. This sterling silver charm bead with genuine dinosaur bone will add a Jurassic touch to your charm bracelet or wear it on a chain to create a unique bead necklace.

Dinosaur bone specimens vary in color and pattern; when you purchase this item, you may choose your personal favorite from our stock.

This listing is for a made-to-order dinosaur bone charm only. Purchase the snake bracelet separately, or check out our in stock Signature Styles that include a dinosaur bone bead necklace and dino bone charm bead bracelet.

Metal: Sterling Silver
Hole Diameter: 5 mm
Material: Dinosaur Bone

Small Sizes: 3-5 mm Wide
Medium Sizes: 5-7 mm Wide

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*Natural materials can vary from specimen to specimen by having different color hues, tints, shades, tones, and textures. Therefore, the item you receive may be different than the images and the specifications provided in the description.
SKU: 2921-SM