His and hers, his and his, hers and hers or whatever ring style pairing you desire, we feel LOVE IS LOVE. And, with our unique, couples rings, you can perfectly represent your pairing with a set of wedding rings you love as much as your mate. Whether you and your partner are looking for a ring set with matching rings, coordinating rings or completely different styles that represent your individual personalities, we’ve compiled a ton of couples ring ideas and inspiration.

I feel like a broken record. Ooh, something we could use to make a pair of coordinating vinyl record rings for engaged musicians. I digress. Back to the point. I always have to make sure to mention that ALL of our items can be customized, so if any of the items featured here aren’t perfect for you in every way, please tell us how to make them perfect for you! It’s our favorite thing to do!


Since I got off on the tangent of the rings for musicians, let’s start the ball rolling with some of those. In addition to our vinyl record wedding rings, we can also craft a pair of guitar string rings featuring one of our many string options. We even have ring designs that feature both strings and vinyl inlays. Lastly, we offer several wood rings for musicians featuring beautiful hardwoods that are commonly used in the creation of musical instruments, including rosewood, mahogany, ebony and rowan. Best of all, you have the option to supply your own materials such as the string and/or vinyl for an added personal touch.

Black and Silver Wedding Rings for Musicians
Classic Rock Wedding Rings with Vinyl, Guitar String, and Wood
Musicians' Mahogany Wood Rings for Couples
Matching Vinyl LP Record Wedding Rings
Purple Heart Wood Wedding Bands for Musicians


Nearly all of our many material options come from nature, but antler and our many unique and exotic wood options are very representative of your love for the outdoors and your partner. Build your perfect antler wedding rings from our naturally shed selection of horns OR supply your own antler. Similarly, choose from our wood or send us your wood specimen to use to create your couples rings.

Matching Deer Antler Rings in Titanium
Custom Wood and Yellow Gold Wedding Bands

Rugged Sandblasted Rings for Couples with Celtic Knot Engraving and Wooden Inlays

Couple's Deer Antler Wedding Bands in Gold
Deer Antler Wedding Ring Set for Couples
Matching Meteorite and Koa Wood Rings for Couples
Brushed Metal and Wood Wedding Bands for Couples


These wooden couples wedding rings are crafted from genuine whiskey barrel oak wood for a naturally beautiful, rustic touch. Choose from matching or coordinating rings in his and hers and his and his, or hers and hers designs. Thoughtfully crafted for couples who want to symbolize a deep love for both each other and for nature (or a smooth glass of whiskey) in a special, unique way.

Matching Whiskey and Meteorite Rings

Couple's Hypoallergenic Rings with Whiskey Barrel Oak Wood

Custom Whiskey Barrel and Meteorite Wedding Rings

Antler Ring Set for Couples with Whiskey Barrel Oak Wood

Matching Whiskey Barrel Ring Set with Oak Wood

Coordinating Wood and Meteorite Ring Set for Couples with Whiskey Barrel Oak Wood


If you share an affinity for the color blue, we have some beautiful, blue material options that you could incorporate into your blue wedding rings. Our genuine Kingman turquoise rings come in a variety of styles, including simple his and hers coordinating bands. Lapis lazuli rings feature this gorgeous semi-precious stone believed by some to symbolize strength and courage. Whether showcased as a faceted stone or crushed and inlaid, blue sapphire rings are a stunning choice for building your blue ring set, especially if one or both of you have a birthday in the ninth month of the year.

Matching Turquoise Wedding Rings with Yellow Gold
Couple's Meteorite Rings with Blue Accents
Blue Lapis Lazuli Wedding Rings
Matching Blue Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Set

Sparkling Blue Wedding Rings for Couples with Rose Gold Accents and Meteorite

Matching Mokume and Meteorite Wedding Bands


If you’re looking for unique, purple wedding rings, we’ve got some options for you. Our exclusive gem alloy rings are unconventional and unique. We have a few different purple material options in this collection, including lava mosaic turquoise, lava turquoise and lightning turquoise. Among our many wood ring options, we’ve got purple wood rings. Each wedding band and engagement ring is handcrafted from dyed box elder burl wood. The purple amethyst is the February birthstone and can be featured in wedding bands and engagement rings. All of our amethyst rings are handcrafted just for you and can be personalized with a special engraving.

Matching Meteorite and Purple Stone Wedding Rings

Purple Wood Wedding Bands for Couples in Hypoallergenic Titanium

Meteorite Ring Set with Purple Accents,
Couples Rings with Matching Purple and Meteorite Materials
Matching Meteorite Wedding Rings with Purple Wood
Purple Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Set

Coordinating Purple Rings with Titanium, Gem Alloy Turquoise and Gibeon Meteorite

Matching Violet Rings with Purple Box Elder Burl Wood


Everyone will be envious if you opt to build your perfect couples ring set using any of the unique green rings at JBJ. Your green engagement ring options include emerald, peridot and moss agate rings. Our green wood rings feature box elder burl wood. Within our gem alloy collection, our exclusive desert mosaic rings have a glorious mix of greens, blues and golds.

Green Rings for Couples

His and Hers Matching Green Ring Set with Peridot Stone and Meteorite

Couples Green Jade Rings with Wood and Meteorite
Matching Celtic Rings for Couples
Couple's Meteorite and Green Box Elder Burl Wedding Bands


Rose gold rings aren’t just for the ladies! There are masculine ways to tie together his and hers rose gold ring sets with subtleties that include rose gold in both rings, if your guy doesn’t want a completely rose gold ring. For example, he can opt for a rose gold pinstriped ring or a ring with a rose gold sleeve (inside). Applying a matte or brushed finish to a men’s wedding ring is another way to make it a more manly rose gold band.

His and Hers Rose Gold Ring Set with Meteorite and Halo Engagement Ring

Space Rings for Couples with Rose Gold and Meteorite Inlays

Rose Gold Rings with Meteorite
Celtic Ring Set in Rose Gold with Meteorite
Simple Rose Gold Ring Set, His & Hers
Meteorite Ring Set with Engagement Ring and Wedding Band


Timeless in style and beauty, yellow gold couples rings are a great choice. It’s perfect for coordinating a pair of his and his (or hers and hers) yellow gold wedding bands. Or, for incorporating into a set of his and hers rings with a pinstripe or inner sleeve of gold on his ring for a more understated tie-in. Either way, the natural beauty and inherent value of our yellow gold rings can’t be beat.

Yellow Gold Wedding Bands with Unique Materials
Matching Yellow Gold Rings
Dinosaur Bone Wedding Bands in Yellow Gold

His and Hers Meteorite Rings with Yellow Gold and Titanium

Classic Yellow Gold Wedding Rings for Couples
Nature-Inspired Yellow Gold Ring Set for Couples

Matching Yellow Gold and Meteorite Ring Set

His & Hers Yellow Gold Rings

Meteorite and Dinosaur Bone Wedding Bands with Diamonds

Whether you've bonded over a shared love of music, the outdoors, or even a favorite color, we hope these matching wedding ring ideas get you thinking about how your rings can tell your unique love story.

Have some ideas? Perfect! Reach out and get started on your unique matching rings today.