The passing of a loved one is an irreplaceable loss. Cremation jewelry is designed to celebrate the memory of your loved one with personalized jewelry that carries the ashes of your friend. Jewelry By Johan offers memorial jewelry to hold their ashes securely with endless possibilities for tasteful designs. Cat and dog cremation jewelry is custom designed to memorialize your pet.

Memorial Ring with Crushed Turquoise, Ashes, and Green Box Elder Burl Wood

Because we handmake our jewelry, you can turn any ring or jewelry design into a memorial ring, or choose from our collection of existing designs. Your personalized cremation jewelry can be crafted in your choice of unique materials to pay tribute to the passions of your loved one. Of course, we handle remains with the utmost care and consideration, and we always send back unused ashes upon request.

Flower Petal Ring with Yellow Roses

In addition to cremated remains, we also offer flower rings. We can inlay the flowers from a wake or your loved one's favorite flower for a different way to honor their memory. Like ashes, the flower petals are securely sealed in our durable Ring Armor Waterproofing to stand the test of time.

Pet Memorial Jewelry

Pet Ashes Memorial Ring with Blue Topaz

Pet Ashes Memorial Ring with Green Box Elder Burl Wood Inlays

Pet cremation jewelry from Jewelry By Johan is available with a wide range of options for pet ashes and other inlays. Johan creates innovative designs with pet ashes and turquoise inlays, wood inlays, pet ashes set in titanium with a topaz center stone, and other breathtaking designs.

View our pet memorial rings created by Johan to see the design possibilities of tastefully finished dog or cat cremation jewelry. Use these pictures for inspiration to create a ring that is personalized to your taste. Be inspired by Anne's Story Behind the Ring; she found a design on the Jewelry by Johan website and customized it with her beloved parrot's ashes to create a one-of-a-kind memorial ring. Contact Us for proper procedure in creating your pet memorial ring!

January 22, 2016


Meagan banta said:

I need a size 11 wedding band for my husband with some of our beloved pets ashes we lost our 15 ur old dog 8 mths ago AMD this is something I would love to get my husband

Zoe White said:

I’m looking for a ring for my partner with some of our beloved dogs ashes in it

Emma Gomez-Xolo said:

I received my memorial ring this morning. It is even more beautiful than it looks in the website. The staff was great, constantly reaching out and keeping me informed on the progress. I loved my little dog and this is the perfect way to keep her with me always. It is as fashionable as she was. Thank you so much for giving me a wonderful way to remember and keep her with me always

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