Amethyst Engagement Ring With Meteorite and Dino Bone


Adorned in 10k white gold and inlaid with exotic materials, this amethyst engagement ring is as colorful as they come! The twisting tension setting features dinosaur bone and meteorite inlays, all framing the trio of glimmering amethyst gems.


Ring Width: 3 mm
Ring Sleeve: 10k White Gold Ring
Profile: Flat Ring
Finish: Polished

0.5 mm 10k White Gold
2 mm Partial Dinosaur Bone
0.5 mm 10k White Gold
2.5 mm Space with Three Amethyst Stones
0.5 mm 10k White Gold 
2 mm Partial Gibeon Meteorite
0.5 mm 10k White Gold

Stones: Amethyst (Qty: 3)
Size: 3 mm Shape:
Round Quality: AAA

SKU: RS9343-2007-875