Tulipwood and Meteorite Men's Wedding Band, Size 7.5-RS11393

SKU: RS11393

This exotic tulipwood wedding band has a modern asymmetrical look, complete with an edge made of Gibeon meteorite. Sandblasted titanium pairs well with this wood's color and pattern for a dark and masculine style. This wedding band is in stock in size 7.5 and ships in 1-3 business days!

The wood in this wedding band is coated with our durable, water-resistant Ring Armor Waterproofing.

Available Made to Order: Select your desired size above or visit Meteorite and Tulipwood Wedding Band (SKU 3141). Note that our current turn-around time would apply.

RING LAYOUT - Men's Meteorite Wedding Band with Tulipwood Sleeve, Size 7.5-RS11393
Ring Size: 7.5
Ring Width: 7 mm
Ring Sleeve: Tulipwood (exotic)
Ring Profile: Round
Ring Metal Finish: Sandblasted*

2 mm Gibeon Meteorite
1 mm Tulipwood (exotic)
4 mm Sandblasted Titanium

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We highly recommend that you get your ring size in a COMFORT FIT measured by reputable jewelers UNTIL at least 2 agree on the same size (law of averages). To ensure we will be making your ring the proper fit, please read the following links:

Ring Sizing Info

This ring is not re-sizable.


This ring can't be engraved.

*Sandblasted titanium/precious metal rings, like all jewelry metals, will acquire surface scratches or scuffs through everyday wear. Scratches will be particularly evident in new ring, but as the ring is worn it will develop a natural and even pattern.