His & Hers Meteorite Band Set, Titanium or 14k Gold


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Both of these Gibeon Meteorite wedding rings are inlaid in titanium or your choice of solid gold in rose, white or yellow. Stray away from ordinary rings with this coordinating meteorite wedding band set for him and her. Titanium is a very strong and durable metal, perfect for jewelry making and to represent your lifetime of unbreakable love.

This is genuine Gibeon Meteorite that fell to Earth billions of years ago and was only more recently discovered in Namibia, South Africa in 1838. The crystalline grain structure is totally unique and called Widmanstatten lines that were caused by the meteorite slowly cooling over millions of years as it hurtled through space. It is estimated to be over 4 billion years old!

Ring 1: Narrow Meteorite Wedding Band (SKU 3165)
Ring Width: 3.5 mm
Ring Sleeve: Titanium
Ring Profile: Flat
Ring Finish: Polished

0.75 mm Titanium
2 mm Gibeon Meteorite*
0.75 mm Titanium

Ring 2: Wide Meteorite Wedding Band (SKU 1159)
Ring Width: 6 mm
Ring Sleeve: Titanium
Ring Profile: Flat
Ring Finish: Polished

1 mm Titanium
4 mm Gibeon Meteorite*
1 mm Titanium

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*The mineral troilite is present in meteorite and may be visible in your finished item. If you’d like to ensure no troilite can be seen, purchase the troilite-free meteorite add-on. Learn more about troilite in meteorite jewelry.

SKU: 3165TI-1159TI