Purple Box Elder Burl Engagement Ring With Moissanite


This amazing purple box elder burl engagement ring is perfect for that special someone in your life that loves bold hues of purple. The ring has a gorgeous 5 mm Forever One Moissanite stone that is complimented by twelve 1 mm moissanite stones and has an astonishing platinum finish.

Ring Width: 3.5 mm
Ring Sleeve: Platinum
Ring Profile: Round
Ring Finish: Polished

0.75 mm Platinum
2 mm Purple Box Elder Burl
0.75 mm Platinum

Stone: Forever One Moissanite (Qty: 1)
Shape/Size: Round, 5 mm
Setting: Silver Lotus Flower

Stone: Forever One Moissanites (Qty: 12)
Shape/Size: Round, 1 mm

SKU: RS10247-2294-55