Red Stingray Leather Cuff Links, In Stock


These unique sterling silver cuff links are handcrafted and made with red stingray leather. Stingray jewelry is tough and all around amazing. The stingray leather is very durable and has a supple texture. When compared to other leathers; nothing has the eye-catching quality of stingray leather. Both in color and texture, stingray leather is one of the most unique types of natural leather. Not only is the material special, but the lather's presentation on these sterling silver cuff links really make this a fantastic piece of art. What a great present for the nautical soul in your life.

In-stock and ships in 1-3 business days!

Sleeve: Sterling Silver
Profile: Round
Finish: Polished
Inlay: Red Stingray Leather

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Celebrate your style,
Johan Rust

SKU: RS10174-9999