Wavy Platinum Engagement Ring With Rough Diamond

$2,709.00 $4,515.00

This amazing wavy platinum engagement ring is perfect for that special someone in your life that loves bold, unconventional styles. The ring has a gorgeous 6.5 mm rough cut diamond that is complimented by twin inlays of crushed synthetic opal and mother of pearl.

Ring Width: 4.5 mm
Ring Sleeve: Platinum
Ring Profile: Wavy
Ring Finish: Polished

0.5 mm Platinum
1.5 mm Crushed Synthetic Opal (OP73)
0.5 mm Platinum
1.5 mm Crushed Mother of Pearl
0.5 mm Platinum

Stone: Rough Diamond (Qty: 1)
Shape/Size: Rough Cut, 6.5 mm
Setting: Platinum Prongs

Stone: Forever Classic Moissanites (Qty: 12)
Shape/Size: Round, 1 mm
Setting: Surface Prong

SKU: RS10751-3427-625