What If Your Custom Ring Won't Be Done For Your Wedding?

Need your wedding band sooner than it is scheduled to be delivered? If you know that your ring won't arrive in time for your wedding, you can purchase a Wedding Band Stand-In Ring. This option allows you to order a titanium band along with your custom ring, ensuring that you have a ring to wear on your wedding day.

A stand-in is ordered along with your custom ring, meaning that both are put into our queue at the same time. Your stand-in ring should arrive within 1-3 weeks for you to wear at your ceremony.

One of the many benefits of this option is that it is virtually free. When you order, we have you put a $40 deposit down on the stand-in ring. After your wedding, you return the stand-in ring to us and are refunded in full. You will receive your designed wedding band when it is scheduled to be completed. The stand-in ring option will give you piece of mind knowing that you will have a ring to wear on your big day.

July 18, 2014
Tags: FAQs

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