White and Black Diamond Engagement Ring
From £174.00
Sterling Silver14k White Gold10k White Gold
Black & White Diamond Infinity Bracelet
From £162.00
Sterling Silver10k White Gold14k White Gold
Infinity Heart Diamond Dangle Earrings
From £124.00
Sterling Silver10k White Gold14k White Gold
Dark, alluring and mysterious, the black diamond is a great alternative gemstone choice in any piece of jewelry. Jewelry by Johan offers a huge selection of black diamond rings, including unique men's wedding bands and diamond eternity rings with this dark stone as a solitaire or accent. Looking for the perfect black diamond engagement ring? We've got those, too. And, don't forget, if you find a design you love with a different stone, you can likely switch it to a black diamond! Just contact us to let us know what item you'd like to personalize.