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Meteorite & Dino Bone Ring With Wood Sleeve
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Meteorite and Rose Gold Wedding Band
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Yellow Gold Wedding Band with Fossil and Meteorite
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Meteorite and Fossil Wedding Band with White Gold

Dinosaur Bone Rings & Fossil Wedding Bands

Resurrect the glory and splendor of the Jurassic Era with a genuine fossil ring! We place the 65 million year old gembone inlays into these very rings. Browse our selection of dinosaur bone wedding bands, dinosaur bone engagement rings, and other fossil jewelry. Bone jewelry is an instant conversation piece and is bound to set you and your tastes apart from the crowd.

Have an idea on how to incorporate dino bone into a custom ring? Our jewelers can help you bring dinosaur bone inlays into a ring design that fits your budget. We offer a broad range of materials that complement the texture of dinosaur bone rings. Choose from titanium rings or tungsten rings, silver bands or gold bands, or just ask our custom designers for something new.

You can customize designs to feature your preferred metal in nearly any ring, including by adding inlays of exotic materials like meteorite or turquoise engagement rings.

Check out our dinosaur bone education if you have any questions about our dinosaur bone jewelry.

Learn More About Dinosaur Fossil Rings

Our stunning dinosaur bone rings are made with authentic gembone, inlaid into a variety of precious metals like meteorite and titanium. Select from solid or crushed dinosaur bone options to provide many different design options.

What is dinosaur gembone?

Gembone, also known as agatized dinosaur bone, is a type of mineralized bone where the cells have fossilized with precious minerals. This creates a stunning opalescent sheen and colorful patterns on the gembone.

Where does the dinosaur bone for the fossil rings come from?

Our dinosaur fossils are sourced from the Morrison Formation in the southwestern USA. This formation is best known for its fossils from the Late Jurassic period, roughly 150 million years ago. Stretching across states like Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming, this geological formation has yielded an impressive array of dinosaur bones, including iconic species like Allosaurus, Apatosaurus, and Stegosaurus.

Can I choose my dinosaur bone?

Would you like to choose your color of gembone or the specific bone that is used for your dinosaur wedding ring? We send you scans of dinosaur bones to choose from once you order any of our gembone rings, allowing you to personalize which gembone you receive in your ring! See examples here.

If you’re wondering whether you can choose a specific dinosaur species for your gembone, the unfortunate answer is no - we do not conduct testing to determine the original species of dinosaur. The gembone we use in our jewelry is from fragments that are impossible to match with the rest of a complete skeleton. (As a note: You should also be wary of other sellers that claim they know what species their dinosaur bone rings are: the testing is very costly.)

What sets Jewelry by Johan’s dinosaur wedding rings apart?

Founded in 2008, Jewelry by Johan has been creating exquisite wedding rings, engagement rings, and jewelry with unique materials from the very beginning. We’re based in the United States and source many of our exotic materials - like our stunning dinosaur gembone - from here as well. With over 80,000 satisfied couples globally, we guarantee quality jewelry for every occasion.

Customer reviews
I absolutely love my ring! It's unique and exactly what I was looking for. Ring aside, the JBJ team is amazing to work with.
— Devon Whitehead (via Google)
Just received my fiancés ring today!! It’s everything and more that I wanted!! He LOVES it. If I could rate them a 10 I would.
— Jena Mckenzie Hunt (via Facebook)
Really cool company with really unique materials and designs, plus excellent customer service. Special thanks to Ruth and Kirstin for all your help.
— Jason Takahashi (via Google)
My husbands wedding band is exquisite. It’s quality work without being too heavy and it honestly is nicer than the pictures. Great customer service and fantastic craftsmanship.
— Kristina Feye (via Facebook)
Beautiful ring! The quality is excellent. The seller was extremely communicative and helpful in answering my questions.
— Britt (via Etsy)
I’m so glad that we got rings from here. The sizing process was straightforward and easy, and when the rings arrived they fit perfectly! They are very high quality and I couldn’t be happier.
— Holly (via WeddingWire)