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Turquoise Wedding Rings & Engagement Designs

Beautiful like the night sky and historically prized for its beautiful blue hue, Kingman turquoise is a wonderful gemstone choice for any ring. Sourced from the United States, this stunning material is sure to provide eye-catching beauty. Our solid turquoise rings include engagement rings and wedding bands.

You can opt for two styles of turquoise: solid or crushed. Crushed inlays boast a more subtle charm, and are sealed and protected with our Ring Armor coating to ensure they can’t be damaged easily. If you don't see a design that's the perfect fit for you, contact us about custom rings or browse our website for a design you love to customize.

Learn More About Kingman Turquoise Rings

Devotees of Kingman turquoise are drawn to its unmatched combination of striking color, ranging from intense blues to greens, and its natural matrix patterns that enhance each piece with individual character. Renowned for its exceptional quality and authenticity, Kingman turquoise appeals to those who seek a gemstone that effortlessly blends timeless elegance with a touch of the earth's raw beauty.

What is Kingman turquoise?

Kingman Turquoise refers to a highly prized and distinctive variety of turquoise sourced from the Kingman mine in Arizona, USA. Known for its vibrant blue color, often with intricate matrix patterns, Kingman Turquoise is sought after for its exceptional quality and is frequently used in jewelry and other artisanal creations.

What does a turquoise wedding ring mean?

A turquoise ring for a wedding or engagement symbolizes not only lasting love and commitment but also carries the spiritual significance of protection and good fortune, making it a meaningful and unique choice to represent your eternal bond.

What sets Jewelry by Johan’s memorial jewelry apart?

Founded in 2008, Jewelry by Johan has been creating exquisite wedding rings, engagement rings, and jewelry with unique materials from the very beginning. We’re based in the United States, and source many of our exotic materials - like Kingman turquoise - from here as well. With over 80,000 satisfied couples globally, we guarantee quality jewelry for every occasion.

Customer reviews
I absolutely love my ring! It's unique and exactly what I was looking for. Ring aside, the JBJ team is amazing to work with.
— Devon Whitehead (via Google)
Just received my fiancés ring today!! It’s everything and more that I wanted!! He LOVES it. If I could rate them a 10 I would.
— Jena Mckenzie Hunt (via Facebook)
Really cool company with really unique materials and designs, plus excellent customer service. Special thanks to Ruth and Kirstin for all your help.
— Jason Takahashi (via Google)
My husbands wedding band is exquisite. It’s quality work without being too heavy and it honestly is nicer than the pictures. Great customer service and fantastic craftsmanship.
— Kristina Feye (via Facebook)
Beautiful ring! The quality is excellent. The seller was extremely communicative and helpful in answering my questions.
— Britt (via Etsy)
I’m so glad that we got rings from here. The sizing process was straightforward and easy, and when the rings arrived they fit perfectly! They are very high quality and I couldn’t be happier.
— Holly (via WeddingWire)