Meteorite & Dino Bone Ring with Gold Pinstripes
Yellow Gold PinstripeRose Gold PinstripeWhite Gold Pinstripe
Men's Meteorite & Lapis Lazuli Ring
14k Rose Gold14k White Gold14k Yellow Gold
Blue Opal & Meteorite Men's Wedding Band
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14k White Gold14k Rose Gold14k Yellow GoldTitanium+ 1 more
Dinosaur Bone & Meteorite Men's Wedding Band
14k Rose Gold14k White Gold14k Yellow Gold
Our huge collection of authentic, Gibeon meteorite rings includes meteorite engagement rings and meteorite bands. The Widmanstatten pattern that this billion year old type of meteorite possesses is incomparable and each is unique. Gibeon meteorite stood the tests of time and space, just like your love is sure to do!
Customer reviews
I absolutely love my ring! It's unique and exactly what I was looking for. Ring aside, the JBJ team is amazing to work with.
— Devon Whitehead (via Google)