How to Send in a Piece of Wood to be Made into a Custom Wood Ring

Custom Wood Rings

Send Us Your Own Piece of Wood for Custom Wood Rings

Custom wood rings have become very popular. Each type of wood boasts its own pattern, color and density that results in a different inlay or sleeve for every piece. We have several wood choices for custom rings, but using your own piece of wood can create a custom piece of jewelry that has a special meaning just for you.

Popular types of wood used in custom wood rings are Koa wood, Ironwood, Whiskey Barrel, Dymondwood, and Rosewood. If you have a piece of your own wood you’d like to use, please take a look at the video below for more information on size requirements to create a full ring and how to send it to us. We also suggest you contact us at to confirm it is a use-able piece.

If your wood sample is not solid and/or smaller than 3″ x 1.5″, instead of using it to create a full or partial inlay, we can crush it or shave it, which will still result in a beautiful piece of keepsake jewelry with a very unique pattern. Take a look at the crushed Jenga piece ring that’s a good example.

On that note, the wood you send us doesn’t have to come from a tree! We invite you to get creative and send us something that has sentimental value to you or special meaning. How about creating a ring out of drumsticks for your special rock star? Or, a wedding band out of a wooden bat for a baseball lover?