Jewelry By Johan Wood Choices

Jewelry by Johan Wood Choices: Afzelia to Zircote

Below you’ll find images of our many wood options for our jewelry. Visit our Wood Education Center to learn more details about Jewelry by Johan’s 90+ wood choices that include popular options such as Tulip Wood, Box Elder Burl, Whiskey Barrel, and KOA.

All exotic wood options are noted with a {x} and all premium wood options are noted with a {+} next to their names. These wood options are more rare and difficult to source, so they have a slightly higher cost.

If you’ve got a sentimental piece of wood you’d like to use in one of our existing designs or in a completely custom piece of jewelry, contact our designers to bounce around ideas. And, check out our blog on How to Send in Your Own Wood for helpful information. We’ve created rings from Jenga pieces, barn wood, a rocking chair, and much more.




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